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Game 31: Michigan at Michigan State Open Thread

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  1. kellen.hayes

    It’s kind of nice to see Eli play well. He deserves it. hope it can help him build some confidence.

  2. kellen.hayes

    lol. easy there hot take. the JB auto-bench is a thing. and, I think Beilein deserves the benefit of the doubt…

  3. jemblue

    Can ESPN just show the game? I don’t care about the waffle guy.

  4. hack

    Here’s to Iggy – great game, and a great job building his game back up over the court of conference play. The only people that could stop him tonight were the refs.

  5. bebopson

    Dear Jordan, nobody gives a shit about your jabs steps and fade-aways. Please work on your b-ball IQ in the off-season.

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