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Ed Cooley will stay at Providence

The Providence Friars announced that Ed Cooley signed a contract extension to remain at Providence.

Cooley interviewed with Warde Manuel on Monday and was considered a finalist for the Michigan position. Manuel will interview Juwan Howard today and reportedly interviewed Luke Yaklich on Friday. Butler head coach LaVall Jordan and Texas head coach Shaka Smart have also been reported as candidates.

Here’s a run-down of recent college coaching search content:

Notable Replies

  1. umhoops

    You guys will never get to my hear my hot takes on Cooley’s fit on the podcast. We were recording during the announcement. :rofl:

  2. nswan

    Damn… please release this…

  3. buckets12

    Sounds like a wonderful UMhoops Members-Only Exclusive release if you ask me!! That’s the type of content we pay the big bucks for!!!

  4. umhoops

    I think the money line was “Ed Cooley could sell me on anything, even the flex offense.” Followed by 10 minutes of me explaining how it would never work at the highest level.

  5. tarverine

    The tone change of the board rivals the Poole shot in terms of drastic turnarounds😂

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