2019-20 Season

Game 1: Appalachian State at Michigan Open Thread

The Juwan Howard era tips off at 7:00 p.m. at the Crisler Center (BTN). Read our preview content and join hthe discussion in the open thread below.

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  1. Kevin6CD

    Anybody want to place guesses for leading scorer tonight? I’ll go the easy route and guess Livers with 19.

  2. MichiganMan2424

    Simpson with 18. On 6/6 from 3

  3. CoryR

    Teske 22 pts. 10 rebounds.

  4. umhoops

    Looks like Eli Brooks has his left wrist/thumb taped up pretty good in warmups. Will see if that impacts him at all.

  5. bobohle

    Eli had that tape job in the second half against SVSU. I noticed when he shot free throws.

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