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Michigan jumps to No. 4 in latest AP Top 25

In the span of a week, Michigan has gone from off the radar to No. 4 in the country.

The Wolverines are off to a 7-0 start under Juwan Howard with wins over Gonzaga, North Carolina, Iowa State and Creighton and the college basketball world has taken notice.

Michigan was unranked in last week’s AP Top 25 poll but now finds itself ranked 4th in the country before Tuesday’s matchup at No. 1 Louisville. The Wolverines received 9 first-place votes and are one of three Big Ten teams ranked in the top six (Maryland 3, Ohio State 6).

Michigan’s jump from unranked to 4th in the country matches the largest-ever jump in the poll’s 70-year history.

More on Michigan’s fast start:

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Notable Replies

  1. nswan

    I have a conspiracy theory here: If Michigan wasnt playing at Louisville this tomorrow, I bet they would Michigan would be #1. Louisville still has to be favored because the game is at home, so voters dont want to be wrong to rate Michigan #1 and then they immediately lose to the #2 team

  2. adamsmit86

    Not that I really care, but why is Maryland ranked ahead of Michigan and OSU? What exactly have they proven so far with their weak schedule?

  3. mjsb2

    Michigan has the second most first place votes. Interesting that Maryland has none but is ranked 3rd ahead of two teams with 9 and 5 first place votes.

  4. tarverine

    Tied for the biggest jump ever with 1989 Kansas

  5. kturnup

    They’re barely ahead. The only reason they are ahead is because there are people that had Michigan in the 12-8 range (which is incredibly illogical), whereas Maryland was probably 3-5 on about every ballot

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