2019-20 Season

Game 10: Michigan at Illinois Open Thread

Michigan takes on Illinois tonight at 9 p.m. (BTN) at the State Farm Center. It is an opportunity for a coveted road win and a chance to put last week’s disappointment at Louisville to rest.

Join the discussion below and make sure to check out the game preview before tip.

Notable Replies

  1. bobohle

    Now that M is the hunted the guys need to be prepared to get every opponent’s best effort. Go Blue!

  2. harmon98

    Can Michigan withstand the Orange Crush?

  3. bluejayway

    It’s just soda. Game on.

  4. silverblue

    And I hate Orange Crush! My gosh, they should drink a REAL MAN’S drink…White Claw! :grin:

  5. bluejayway

    Um, Silver, we need to talk.

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