2019-20 Season

Game 29: Michigan at Ohio State Open Thread

Michigan and Ohio State tip at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon at Value City Arena in Columbus. The Wolverines are 4-point underdogs against the Buckeyes.

Read the game preview and join the discussion in the open thread below.

Notable Replies

  1. MichiganMan2424

    Thank you Naji Marshall

  2. Superfan16

    I said “bad shot” when he pulled up and then celebrated like it was Michigan hitting a buzzer beater just because we most likely get to watch the start of the game now.

  3. njosey

    Got engaged last night on Leap day and still celebrating with a soon to be Michigan win today!

  4. umhoops

    Some of you guys need to realize that when the home team goes on a run or hits a few shots it isn’t because Michigan isn’t trying.

  5. Mdemorest4

    Under cover in Columbus today, been glad to see the boys fight back first half in a pretty loud environment here.

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