2019-20 Season

Game 31: Michigan at Maryland Open Thread

Michigan and Maryland will wrap up the 2019-20 regular season today (noon, FOX). Read the game preview and join the discussion below.

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  1. vanarbor

    I’ve been telling myself that Maryland winning is better for us in the long run but **** it, I’ve returned from the dark side.

    Go Blue.

  2. umhoops

    Winning is always better in the long run :rofl:

  3. steve

    So, does Maryland go full Turg and finish off blowing a three-game lead in the loss column through 15 games or do they manage to beat a team not named Minnesota and get a share?

  4. bobohle

    Full focus for 40 minutes with no silly turnovers or silly fouls. Communication is a must. Make your layups,open threes and free throws. Defense, defense,defense. Win the game and Go Blue!

  5. DougDilly

    Could you explain your logic how losing this game is better for us in the long run?

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