Podcast: Breaking down Chaundee Brown’s transfer to Michigan and U-M’s scholarship count

Michigan added a commitment from Wake Forest transfer Chaundee Brown on Tuesday afternoon. Brendan and Dylan react to the news, break down his fit in Michigan’s system and discuss the latest on Nojel Eastern’s transfer situation.

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Notable Replies

  1. DrZ

    Stupid Question: if Brown gets a waver, he plays next year and occupies one scholarship spot on the team. If he has to sit out for one year, what happens logistically? How are his expenses covered? If he takes classes the year he sits, who pays for his tuition and stipend?

  2. swinawer

    Redshirting players are on scholarship that season. The only difference is that he can’t play.

  3. DrZ

    So, it is a two-year scholarship even though they can play only one year and it counts towards the allowable scholarships a team can have per year. Interesting.

  4. DeAngeloVickers

    Yes still on scholarship (and takes up a scholarship spot) for the year he sits

  5. DrZ

    Never thought of it this way, but if a waver is granted everybody wins. School minimizes expenses, player gets immediate usage. If a player has to sit out a year, school has more expenses (but it is peanuts to them), but more important, a player loses the most. Only NCAA could think of such injustice to the student athletes.

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