2020-21 Season

Game 4: UCF at Michigan Open Thread

Michigan hosts UCF this afternoon at the Crisler Center. Read the game preview, dig into Film Room and then join the conversation throughout the game.

Notable Replies

  1. Grahams_Shoulders

    Wagner has committed zero fouls in his Michigan career in his mind.

  2. MichiganMan2424

    “UCF is not going away”

    She says after a 3 to cut the lead to…28

  3. silverblue

    Wow! 320 posts! If for no other reason, Austin Davis deserves all the praise he can get because of the way he has taken HD under his wing, coached him, LITERALLY every TO, and beating on him in practice, wow. He is the epitome of a TEAM player! LOVE IT!!!

  4. buckets12

    Subscribe to the athletic for hard-hitting reporting…and this

  5. silverblue

    Let me just say this, there is no question HD is deserving of the start, but at this point I don’t think he cares. He just wants to play, and tonight he played 22, maybe 23 or 24 minutes, and those minutes are gradually increasing. He WILL start. Maybe next game, maybe not, but soon, and when he does, no one will be happier for him or more proud than Austin Davis. I know this to be true, and AD will play the minutes he gets with pride, and heart, and enthusiasm.

    I’ve watched AD since before he came to Michigan and that’s the kind of young man he is. You want to talk about foxholes? You want to talk about “The team, the team, the team?” That’s Austin Davis. HD will start soon, whenever Juwan decides it’s time, and when he does, AD will not only be fine with it, he’ll be happy and proud of HD.

    So, I’m just not going to question Juwan at this point. I think he knows what he’s doing.

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