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NCAA 2021: Michigan vs. UCLA Open Thread

Michigan and UCLA are set for a late-night 9:57 p.m. (TBS) tip at Lucas Oil Stadium. Read all of our preview content and then dive into the open thread on the forum.

More on Michigan-UCLA:

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Notable Replies

  1. steve

    I’m thinking 2013 E8 myself!

  2. Tom48160

    Calmly walks into the thread…
    Sticks a finger in the air to test wind direction …
    Draws a deep breath…

  3. joshgersh

    I’m very very sad but I love you all a lot. My first season as a UMHoops subscriber and it was the most fun I’ve ever had following any sport ever. Thank you Dylan and co. (please no podcast for this one)

  4. steve

    Man, 10 years ago a game like this would’ve absolutely ruined me for like a week. Like, just totally ruined me in a way that makes today me want to give 10 years ago me a hug. Thankfully now I have a wife and a baby on the way, so while I’m super bummed, the realization that there are so many more important things going on has allowed me to move past games like this. To those who don’t have something like that to fall back on, I feel for you and honestly, if you’re really upset, be really upset. It’s okay. Don’t let anyone shame you for feeling that way. But try and keep your head up and be proud of what this team accomplished instead of agonizing over what it didn’t.

    I’ll probably peace on the post game stuff for a few days but I’ll be back to yammer on about transfers, NBA draft decisions, and all that.

    Go Blue!

  5. CursedBlue

    I just want to say one more thing since I’ve been up for like 18 hours straight now and need sleep. I get my first vaccine shot tomorrow and need to not crash on the way. Dying on my way to not die would be too ironic for my taste.

    This place is awesome. We just suffered a heartbreaking loss in the Elite 8 and the level of toxicity is like 1% at most. Yeah we’re all pissy and upset, but there’s hardly any (if any at all) mean spirited comments about players, people lashing out at each other, fighting about the world ending, etc. Sure there’s discussion on why this happened and what could have prevented it, but it’s not… flame war level. Not even close. There’s a ton of positivity about the future, there’s a bunch of positivity about this year as a whole, and there’s just a really great vibe about this place that isn’t on other sites, which are, to be frank, complete sh** shows in times like these.

    It’s been a rough year personally, as it has been for everyone, and I want to thank this site and all of you on it for being a little sanctity of normalcy through it all. @umhoops your coverage of this tournament was better than anything I’ve seen (I’m sure previous years were the same) and I don’t know how I went through March without it before this year.

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