2021-22 Season

Podcast: Debating the Big Ten’s Top 25 players for 2021-22

After a long layoff, Brendan and Dylan are back to start previewing the 2021-22 season. Today’s (entirely too long) discussion surrounds the UM Hoops and Inside the Hall Big Ten Top 25 Players list. Brendan and Dylan debate the list and what it means for the league and for potential contenders.

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Notable Replies

  1. JBmoney

    Let’s goooooooooooo!!!

  2. EasyBuckets

    Hello folks!

  3. romeowolv

    Two hours…….yessssssss

  4. kcg

    90% of it is Brendan asking why Joe Toussaint isn’t included, though.

  5. JBmoney

    Spoiler alert??? Can’t tell if serious…

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