Video: Khani Rooths 2023-24 Highlights

Four-star wing Khani Rooths is the top-ranked commitment in Michigan’s 2024 recruiting class. The top-40 forward recently took a visit to Ann Arbor and has had a solid season with IMG Academy on the Nike EYBL Scholastic circuit.

Rooths is averaging 9.1 points, 4.8 rebounds and 1.4 blocks per game with IMG in Nike EYBL games.

Here’s an extended look at some of his play this season.


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  1. Mac1992

    This kid is really good, and very ready for next year. Super smooth athlete at that size and isn’t trying to be a featured, on ball leading scorer type. Reminds me of a lesser Moses Moody.

    Now by ready for next year, that means a solid 15-18 mpg role off the bench as a freshman. He’d be effective in a lot of different ways, without any one thing really standing out. That would be the most ideal scenario for a guy like this.

    And yet, I’m already frustrated at the comments from a sizable portion of our fans who will say “Juwan couldn’t win with another top-30 recruit” after he’s forced to start, play 33 minutes a night and have a way too high usage that leads to some promising but very inefficient results.

    That’s if he even makes it to campus.

  2. BigBoutros

    But why is he forced to start in this scenario

  3. umhoops

    I’m kind of in the middle on this. I think he has legitimate upside to play a lot more than 15mpg, but he’s not a guy you are going to look to as a big time scorer or anything.

    The hope is that he’s an interchangeable guy who can guard some different spots, cut and finish, score against the occasional mismatch.

    Definitely a useful length and athleticism on the wing for a team that … has no wings, length or athleticism really.

  4. Mac1992

    Just my pessimistic assumption but the same way that Jett and Caleb were forced to start and basically not have a suitable backup. Just bad teams without depth relying on true freshmen taking on way more than they should be asked to handle.

  5. Mac1992

    Capable of playing more than 15 mpg next year?

    I don’t think he’s necessarily incapable of that, but it would be important to adjust expectations of him and the team. Assuming next year is probably once again going to be bad, then by all means give him 25-30 mins a game. As long as we all know he either won’t score effectively or will be low usage.

    Probably would also need to realize that we’ll just see glimpses of really good tools. As in, it would be totally unfair to expect him to come in and be a stopper next year. But then, that’s kind of his upside so if he’s playing 25-30 mins a game that’s what you’d expect out of your starter who isn’t out there to score?

    This is why true ideal scenario is a starting 3 in front of him and he’s at most a 6th man playing both 3 and 4 spots.

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