2010-2011 Season

Video: John Beilein After Harvard Win

Video from John Beilein’s postgame press conference after Michigan’s 65-62 win over Harvard.

Also make sure to check some of the other post-game material, including the post-game chat wrap from David Merritt and video of Darius, Stu, and Zack talking about the win. Notes and quotes from the above video after the jump.

  • “That is a good team.” Well-coached, terrific personnel and a good game plan.  The big man (Kieth Wright) did a great job at sealing the post and getting good angles.
  • Loves the unity and teamwork Michigan has shown, specifically in Stu Douglass’s case. After starting last year he’s coming off the bench and embracing that role.
  • “A couple of the freshmen (Tim Hardaway Jr. and Evan Smotrycz)” played like freshmen today. But everyone is ready to step up.
  • Stu started the second half instead of Evan, and that was because of the personnel Harvard had on the floor with essentially four shooting guards. Evan and Colton aren’t comfortable covering perimeter shooters.
  • Blake McLimans played well, he’s still learning. “I was proud of the way he played.”  Needs minutes and needs to “know what it takes to win basketball games.” Jordan Morgan struggled a bit defensively.
  • Tim was struggling so Matt Vogrich came in and stepped up with two big 3-pointers. Very hard to come into the game and immediately be open for a 3.
  • Zack Novak “goes in there and rebounds.” Said his shot is starting to even out and the rebounds really helped because Evan was out so much.
  • One of the best things he saw about Stu going off was that his teammates found him, specifically Darius Morris.
  • “We weren’t going to zone that team for one second.” Two or three of their players could be on any Big Ten roster. Amaker has done a great job recruiting.
  • Stu has a green light from 3, but has been very selective with his shooting. But “he’s a good defender and a good passer,” so it’s easy for him to make a contribution to the game if he’s not shooting well.

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