Tuesday Links


  • Bob Cousy Award Nominees
    A list of the 66 finalists for the nation’s best point guard doesn’t include Darius Morris — the guy who ranks 3rd nationally in assist rate and is scoring 15 points per game. Go figure.
  • Observations from the week that was
    Eamonn Brennan with some thoughts on Michigan thus far: “Michigan will stay out of the Big Ten cellar. The Wolverines aren’t exactly setting the world ablaze, but they’re significantly better than the doom and gloom that preceded this season.”
  • U-M’s Jordan Morgan lifts game with hard work
    “He grew up loving Michigan because I did,” Meredith said. “We didn’t really know he was going to Michigan until he was offered. He really didn’t believe it at first. When we told him that Coach Beilein was calling, Jordan asked, ‘For what?’
  • All about the Big Ten: Blue renewal
    Jason King joins the uncomfortably large group of people writing positive things about Michigan. I miss the days when they were writing things like “Is it time to give up on John Beilein?” over the summer.
  • Format C:
    Brian shares his thoughts on the hoops season thus far
  • The Bartelstein Blog: Entry 15, Big Win, Dancing with Stars and Fantasy Breakdowns
    Bartelstein discusses Eso and Corey dancing as well as fantasy football
  • NCAA makes example out of Izzo, UConn women’s streak and more
    The ‘more’ includes this nugget: “I realize it hasn’t come against top competition, but Michigan sophomore point guard Darius Morris has had a nice recent stretch. In the seven games since he laid an egg in a loss to Syracuse, Morris is averaging 16.3 points and 6.7 assists. He had 18 and five in Saturday’s win over Oakland.”
  • Area boys basketball squads hitting their strides
    Trey Burke is the best point guard in the state. I hate to go back, but you can’t overlook the fact that he’s gone against Corey Joseph who’s starting at University of Texas and Nick Johnson (and other college players). (Burke) held his own against those guys and he’s still in high school. And these guys are playing starting roles in the top 20 teams in the country Division-I college.  “Trey Burke can hold his own. The saddest part was that he lived in the shadows of Jared (Sullinger) last year. The bottom line is that Trey Burke is a winner.”

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