2010-2011 Season

Video: John Beilein After Wisconsin Loss

John Beilein addressing the media after his team’s heartbreaking 53-52 loss to Wisconsin at Crisler Arena. Notes and quotes after the jump.

  • “(His players) really played their hearts our today.” Talked about how they got some great breaks at Iowa, and this was just the opposite.
  • Said the key is to learn from this loss and stay hungry. “Don’t like it, but you got to use it … do not use this as a crutch right now, because we got another game on Saturday.”
  • Wanted to use up all the fouls to leave Wisconsin very little time to get something off. Would have liked to run off even more time, but that’s the way it went. “Didn’t want to give strongside help off anyone.”
  • 5-11 from the free throw line is “not acceptable.” Sure the players are beating themselves up about it.
  • Sometimes you win all of these kinds of games, sometimes it’s about poise and moxie, sometimes, like tonight, you just can’t catch a break.
  • “I feel really bad for them right now, and my role is to get them back.”

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