UM Hoops Podcast 1.5: Zack Novak and USA Today’s Nicole Auerbach

Former Michigan captain Zack Novak and former Michigan Daily senior sports editor, now of the USA Today, Nicole Auerbach were both in town this week, so naturally we decided we had to get them in the studio for a special edition of the UM Hoops Podcast. Dave Merritt, Nicole, Zack and I touched on pretty much every subject under the sun, so this is our longest podcast yet, and it’s largely unedited. We divided up our conversation into three parts:

  • We begin by catching up with Zack, and he tells us a bit about life in Zwolle and how his season has gone so far. We then delve into the Michigan’s game against Michigan State and what it was like for Zack to sit in front of the Izzone during the beat down. We talk about what went wrong for Michigan and what the team needs to correct going forward. This video of yours truly in a dunk contest judged by Zack gets a mention.
  • In the second segment, we focus a bit more on Michigan as a team. We explore the troubles Glenn Robinson III is going through, as well as the rapid ascension of Mitch McGary. Zack elaborates on just how much he believes Michigan misses the presence of Jordan Morgan down low and what it would mean to have him back at full strength. Nicole tells us about her conversation with Tim Hardaway Jr. and Trey Burke about their games and development.
  • In the third segment, the wheels fall off in the best of ways. We talk about storming the court, bowling, and I think my youth group even gets a brief mention. We do manage to talk briefly about the Big Ten and some teams on the national stage, however.

The music was RJD2, in order: Wylin Out, One Day, Just Think, Big Game. 

You can listen using the embedded media player below, subscribe to the RSS feed, or download the MP3. You can also subscribe via iTunes. [audio:http://www.umhoops.com/umhoops_podcast_2-14-13.mp3]

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