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Game 18: Michigan at Wisconsin Open Thread

Michigan at Wisconsin will tip at noon (eastern) in Madison today. Read all of our pregame coverage and then dive into the open thread.

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  1. umhoops

    If you felt empty from going almost two weeks without DJ Carstensen officiating a Michigan game, don’t worry. He’s back today and joined by Donnie Eppley and Lewis Garrison

    Michigan game No. 8 for Carstensen this year.

  2. chezaroo

    We seem to win every time he refs. :smirk:

  3. aigre122vjq1r2

    Coming at you guys from Madison today! Can’t wait to get inside the Kohl Center go blue!

  4. bobohle

    Yep our own semi private ref lol. Remember if we continue to play as the hunted team,we will be ok. “JUST WIN THE GAME.”

  5. Wpb

    Let’s Phqqn Go!!!

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