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Game 18: Michigan at Wisconsin Open Thread

Michigan at Wisconsin will tip at noon (eastern) in Madison today. Read all of our pregame coverage and then dive into the open thread.

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  1. chezaroo

    We seem to win every time he refs. :smirk:

  2. MH20

    I am so sick of Davison flopping all over the place. It’s pathetic and ruins basketball.

  3. jemblue

    So many games in this building follow this script.

    -We have a slim lead for most of the first 30 minutes but repeatedly blow chances to expand the lead with boneheaded mistakes

    -We then go through a brutal scoring drought from about the 10 minute mark to the 5 minute mark while their big dude takes over

    -Then we desperately fight from behind in the last 5 minutes but some combination of killer mental mistakes, homer officiating and just crappy luck does us in.

  4. MaizeBlue10

    As a side note, need to get the confidence back for Brooks. It’s in there and they’re going to need him. He’s passing up way too many open shots recently.

  5. MH20

    Sorta off-topic but I hate when Michigan loses because (besides the obvious) it kills my desire to watch any other games the remainder of the day. Constantly seeing/hearing reference to their loss is so annoying.

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