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Video: Chris Holtmann recaps loss at Michigan

Here’s Ohio State head coach Chris Holtmann after a loss in Ann Arbor.

Chris Holtmann after Ohio State’s 65-49 loss to Michigan

Posted by Michigan Basketball on on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

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  1. UMHoopsFan

    Holtmann is a very good coach, but complaining about the “physicality” of the game or how Wesson is referred is . . . rich. That guy is a brute, and their team in general plays with a ton of obvious physical contact. It’s also perhaps counterproductive, both in terms of impacting the whistle and leading to Wesson standing around and complaining while the play goes on.

  2. bacon141

    Wesson has never had fewer than 3 fouls in a B1G game. Has fouled out of three of them and has 4+ in 7 of 9 conference games. I can understand complaining about a game or two, but if the same thing keeps happening with multiple referees you might want to think about adjusting how you play instead of bashing your head against a wall.

  3. bacon141

    Holtmann has a lot more leeway than Miller. Holtmann inherited a pretty bad roster and got them to a 4 seed in last year’s tournament. Masterful job. Lost his two best players and upperclassmen. Meanwhile, Archie Miller inherited the job from Crean who despite all his faults had won a conference title just two years before Miller got there. Miller has a losing record in conference play at Indiana. Holtmann has won 67% of his conference games at OSU even with their poor record this year. IU is also a blue blood and all Indiana people care about is basketball. OSU has a big fanbase but they’re still a football school.

  4. umhoops

    Yeah, Beilein’s demeanor in press conferences has changed a lot in the past 4 years or so. He’s in a very different spot than he was early in his tenure at Michigan.

  5. bacon141

    Miller didn’t win the A10 until after Xavier, Temple and Butler had left. And it’s not like they were going undefeated in conference and finishing with 3-5 total losses year in and year out like Calipari at Memphis or something like that. I’ve never really been impressed with his basketball acumen in comparison with a JB, Izzo, Matta etc etc. If he wins there, it’ll be because he gets the talent.

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