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Big Ten Tournament: Michigan vs. Michigan State Open Thread

Michigan and Michigan State tip at 3:30 p.m. on CBS this afternoon from the United Center. Read all of our pre-game content and then dive into the attached open thread.

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  1. kturnup

    Really not the time for that kinda comment

  2. Mattski

    Like Livers’s aggressiveness there. Wanted to see if we were going to remain assertive. The psychology in the aftermath of that injury is going to remain interesting.

  3. Actualelguapo

    Which freshman isn’t good enough to play right now for MSU? Must be fun playing for Izzo … someone gets thrown under the bus to the press every game.

  4. jemblue

    The key: I muted the game when we were down 17-11, already tired of Nantz. That seems to be working out.

  5. jemblue

    People love to find grand narratives but with 2 minutes left we were up 60-55. Livers gets a pretty good look but misses, and X is wide open from 3 but misses. Make either and we’re probably holding the trophy.

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