2019-20 Season

Game 3: Elon at Michigan Open Thread

Michigan and Elon are set for a 7:00 p.m. tonight at the Crisler Center (BTN). Catch up on our preview content and join the discussion below.

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  1. CoryR

    Game is on Big10. I’m in a hotel at an event and had to sign up for the 5 day free trial of YoutubeTV to be able to see it. It’s pretty sweet!

  2. MichiganBasketball

    These announcers are mailing it in to an egregious extent. I generally like BTN guys but this is rough

  3. Roy_Flan

    Watching him rebound is eerily reminiscent of Walton.

  4. Slyboogie

    As sloppy as it is there are positives. The 2018 class is coming along nicely. Love to see Nunez firing whenever they give him space. So far they’re rimming out but you can see they will fall.

    Dejulius is going to be huge. Between him and Eli the backcourt suddenly is a strength. Just last week people were dogging him. I think one poster said “he isn’t good at anything” lol. Gotta love it when people give up on kids after a bad exhibition game and a bad opening night in the first year he gets real playing time. Patience folks.

    Johns looking solid, still waiting for him to let loose though.

  5. ChipJonez

    “Jones Jr.” still doing a little too much ball watching on offense. Might be by design, but he just seems like a player that needs to be dialed up for off—ball screens or something/anything. He’s too talented to stand in the corners.

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