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Game 18: Penn State at Michigan Open Thread

Michigan and Penn State are set for a 7:00 p.m. (BTN) tip at the Crisler Center tonight. The Wolverines are expected to be without Isaiah Livers for the sixth consecutive game.

Read the preview and join the discussion in the attached open thread below.

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Notable Replies

  1. buckets12

    Eli has been great on both ends so far

  2. Tom48160

    Did I miss the great minutes he’s provided tonight?

  3. umhoops

    Thought he had a brutal half…

  4. jemblue

    I don’t know that we look poorly coached. I’m seeing us get lots of wide-open threes, only to shoot 10% on them.

  5. tarverine

    I think any coaching takes about Juwan need to be framed with the context that A) he has one functional shot creator on the entire roster and his system is one that runs a ton of pick and rolls with that player, which is probably the best option, B) that shot creator’s primary recipient of created shots is injured, and C) this game, while obviously having a terrible result, showed that he’s willing to change at least some stuff with Castleton and Nunez getting chopped from the rotation.

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