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Notable Replies

  1. umhoops

    Among the freshmen, Terrance has the toughest path but I probably like his game relative to his ranking the most – if that makes sense. I still can’t pick him here because it is hard to draw a viable path to playing time.

    Zeb Jackson is the opposite. I haven’t seen enough of his development over the last 12 months to have a great feel for where he’s at but there’s an obvious path to playing time because Michigan needs depth in the backcourt and he has tools (length, athleticism) that other options don’t. He’s probably the right answer here.

  2. umhoops

    Hmmm… I think he’s the best (only???) point guard on the roster. The big question is whether he’s able to get by at this level and it is tough to say before we see him in action. I like some of his versatility (ability to shoot off the catch) but obviously defense is a real concern.

    I think overall Michigan’s ceiling depends pretty heavily on him being able to make an impact though. There are other good players but U-M really needs a creator on the perimeter.

  3. umhoops

    I just am not sure there’s enough incentive for high majors to want to bank roll all of that and introduce the risk. Now maybe you see some kind of bubble where multiple teams come and test, etc. but overall I wouldn’t expect many high vs mid and especially low major games. I could definitely be wrong.

  4. umhoops

    How about:

    1. Dickinson
    2. Bufkin
    3. Collins
    4. Williams
    5. Barnes
    6. Jackson
    7. Tschetter

  5. AC1997

    Jackson has the physical profile of someone that could be a star in the mold of Darius Morris. But with how little he’s played in over a year and the results before then being good but not great…hard to advocate for him.

    While Collins is “short”…his composite rank of #57 puts him as the 8th best recruit since the Beilein era:

    1 - GR3 (#17)
    2 - Chatman (#27)
    3 - McGary (#28)
    4 - Irvin (#28)
    5 - Iggy (#40)
    6 - Dickinson (#42)
    7 - Walton (#45)
    8 - Collins (#57)
    9 - Simpson (#67)
    10 - Johns (#70)
    11 - Bufkin (#78)

    Also note that Howard already has three of the top 11 in just two classes.

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