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Notable Replies

  1. AC1997

    Maybe this question is too big for a single post on AMA, but what does a successful season look like for all of the rotation players? (Meaning, if Michigan reaches their realistic goals this year, what would that translate to for each of the rotation players? So you can’t say that Livers breaks the all time record for scoring, is national POTY, and Michigan goes 30-2…)

  2. AC1997

    Now that Michigan has signed four solid recruits and the remaining recruiting board is down to a couple of 5-star centers and a couple of long-shot top-30 wings… are there any recruits that Dylan would want to see Michigan offer or pursue that aren’t part of the remaining recruiting board?

  3. Bigplaybray

    When should we expect to see final schedules released for 2020-2021?

  4. mgl

    What is your Mike Smith prediction?

  5. adamsmit86

    How many nonconference games do you anticipate Michigan playing this year? And any idea what the talk is as to when Big Ten play might start?

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