2020-21 Season

Video: Juwan Howard talks Eli Brooks, Big Ten Tournament

Juwan Howard met with the media this morning to provide a non-update on Eli Brooks and answer questions ahead of the Big Ten Tournament.

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  1. Kburrell

    Not saying I don’t believe him lol…but it seems impossible that he didn’t talk to the trainer about Eli yet. I’d imagine that would be the first thing he’d do today.

  2. Mattski


  3. Wpb

    Brandon Johns, Zeb Jackson, time to grow up and get to the next step. Opportunity awaits.

  4. Wpb

    Johns needs to take the next step now. Stop bobbling the ball on catches, eliminate the rudimentary mistakes. Try to string 2 to 3 net positive plays together, consecutively. It’s the end of Year 3 for him.

  5. umhoops

    Looks like Eli still in the boot here (as would be expected) but Franz is dressed.

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