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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: July 21st, 2021

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Notable Replies

  1. umhoops

    Eric Dailey is really my dream guy for the final spot based on his game, but there’s really no intel about his recruitment. That isn’t always a bad thing (see Moussa Diabate) but who really knows.

    Rodgers or Smith would fit but both seem to kind of be trending in other directions. I’d be all for a stretch four type in that spot (Filipowski or Traore) but the competition is steep.

    So I’m not really sure if there’s an obvious answer here and it hasn’t really seemed like U-M has been focused in on someone new who might be getting an offer on the wing from what I’ve seen.

    If you land Dug, Jett, Reed … you have a lot of your baseline covered because a two-deep class would look like:
    PG: Dug/Collins
    SG: Bufkin
    SF: Houstan/Jett/Barnes
    PF: Tschetter/Diabate
    C: Reed

    A lot there and a pretty balanced roster.

  2. umhoops

    5 years (!) is a long horizon but generally, I’m pretty happy with the way the site is growing over the last 2 years or so despite COVID and everything else. Juwan Howard hitting the ground running has really helped obviously. It’s always a bit finicky when your product is dependent one something else (i.e. the team generating interest).

    The shift to the subscription model has really helped push toward what I want to produce (quality over quantity of content) and I’m pretty happy with that. I think this community has been growing at a steady but comfortable pace as well.

    I think my big focus is just on building a sustainable community here.

    Always looking for ways to improve the site and come up with new features, content, etc. and am all ears if you guys have any suggestions.

  3. umhoops

    Ha! Good question. I wonder if a lot of people are going to be out there? Could be something to try to work out but I’m not much of an event organizer :rofl:

  4. umhoops

    FWIW, I haven’t listened to it but will try to chime in with some thoughts for each point.

    This currently happens all the time so I’m not really sure it is a hot take? Michigan went probably 5-6 years in a row without fielding a full 13 scholarships IIRC. It’s hard to carry 13 scholarship guys because all 13 scholarship guys think they should play.

    So, I assume this is talking about top-15 or top-20 type of programs that will focus on simply an All-American or transfer strategy? If that’s the case then I agree, I guess. I’m not sure that’s the end of the world though.

    That will probably push the kids who would have been “fliers” for a blue blood toward a better fit and maybe a middle-tier high major program where they could excel. Is that really the end of the world?

    I don’t think people are going to stop trying to get the best high school players they can get. How many schools outside of a dozen are really worried about one and done versus “3-4 year players”?

    This feels like something that maybe Penn State or Nebraska level programs might do? If Kentucky or Duke wants to recruit UAB’s best player, they’ll just go take him. They don’t need to pretend to recruit him out of high school.

    I see this more as a regional strategy where a school like PSU will show passing interest in some of the best A10 recruits each year to try to give them a leg up. I’m just not sure a “fake offer” is really going to move the needle. Are you using an official visit (which is limited over 24 mos) on those kids you don’t really want? Can you ID the kid who is actually going to be better?

    I think the best kids at UAB and Coastal Carolina are going to end up going to better places but "fake offers’ don’t really concern me.

  5. sportaddict144

    I have a suggestion (not really a question). I theoretically love the in-season content that gets into the nitty gritty about our playbook and the reads, but I’m often satiated by (or too busy with) the season itself and all the other game content, to the point where I read all the descriptions but don’t necessarily have the time to watch the videos. During the off-season - when we are all starving for content (and I’m sure the guy who writes it is less busy too) - I’d love to see some playbook-style content showing what our former team ran really well, what should translate to the next iteration, and potential wrinkles or new plays that we should look out for based on the new personnel.

    I bet that would be a real hit to knock us off fighting over barstool and practicing poetry.

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