2021-22 Season

Podcast: Unpacking MSU’s big win over U-M, where both go from here

Dylan and Brendan break down Michigan State’s big win over Michigan including what worked so well with Michigan State’s gameplan, what didn’t work with Michigan’s plan, AJ Hoggard’s path, and what the game means for both teams going forward. Then they dive into some discussion about the Big Ten Player of the Year race.

Listen to “Unpacking MSU's big win over U-M, where both go from here. (Bonus B10 POY takes)” on Spreaker.

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Notable Replies

  1. harmon98

    I’m with Dylan on the discussion about BQ’s take that Michigan D improved after IU. It’s a function of the opponent largely. BQ looks at this as a larger statement about a holistic improvement. Yes, if Michigan played IU several more times this season the defense would look better. It’s a better matchup.

  2. hack

    Looking back, I did feel like IU was Michigan’s first complete game of the season on defense, but Dylan reminded us of that before the Michigan State game and that was kind of a good warning in the end.

  3. quickdarshan

    I was relatively high on Hoggard compared to the rest of this message board. His biggest issues last year were that he had the NCAA worst haircut. A better barber has done wonders for his confidence.

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