Podcast: Michigan & Michigan State 2022-23 season previews (And some news!)

After a long summer, Dylan and Brendan are back to discuss their plans for the show this season and then dive into an in-depth preview of Michigan (8:22) and Michigan State (58:57) for the upcoming season.

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Notable Replies

  1. kcg

    Hell yes. I’ve been telling people this podcast is secretly one of the best places (written or audio) for Big Ten talk so I guess it won’t be much of a secret anymore.

    Of course then it’s a big Michigan/MSU preview instead of the annual Top 25 players discussion but change happens slowly :slight_smile:

    Is the plan to stick with a weekly format?

  2. umhoops

    I think that a 2 hour podcast about Michigan/MSU was very on brand for the pod that we announce we are going to a Big Ten format :rofl:

    But yeah, the plan is to still record weekly. Trying to play around with some different formats and are open to ideas. Some weeks make a lot of sense (ACC/Big Ten challenge, for example) others maybe we will try to be more focused on something in particular.

  3. romeowolv

    Love that this will be continuing Dylan. Love the banter between the two of you.

  4. DeAngeloVickers

    Pin Down coming back too?

  5. umhoops

    Yep, definitely still planning to record with Eric. Might add a few extra Michigan-focused wrinkles to it too.

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