Introducing Sponsored Memberships

With so much uncertainty in the world, this is no ordinary offseason.

The coronavirus has impacted aspects of life far more important than college basketball, but it has certainly made its presence felt on this site. While trying to brainstorm every idea to continue to grow amidst a global pandemic — and keep the servers running — we wanted to come up with a way a creative way to expand our community.

We know that not every Michigan basketball fan is in a position to purchase a UM Hoops subscription right now. We also are striving to continue to produce top-notch content, analysis and coverage every day despite the situation.

As a solution, we are introducing a sponsored membership program for the next month.

We are encouraging current members to purchase a gift for a friend and, in turn, we’ll sponsor a free six-month membership for any Michigan hoops fan who isn’t comfortable spending on a membership right now. For each gift membership that we sell over the next month, we’ll activate a free six-month membership for a potential reader who signs up for our sponsored email list.

If you are a current subscriber, we encourage you to buy a sponsored gift

Buying a sponsored gift subscription works like buying a regular gift subscription. You’ll receive a one-time use code to share with a friend for a year of access to UM Hoops.

Unlike a regular subscription, we’ll also gift an additional subscription to anyone who signs up on our sponsored list for Michigan basketball fans who aren’t comfortable splurging on a subscription.

By purchasing one gift subscription, you bring two new members into our community.

If you don’t have anyone you want to share a gift with, simply forward the gift code back to us and we’ll share it with the sponsored list!

Sponsor a Gift

If you love Michigan basketball but aren’t in a position to buy a subscription right now

Just sign up to join our sponsored list. All it takes is an email address and you’ll be in the queue to receive a sponsored membership.

For each UM Hoops gift subscription purchased over the next month, we’ll choose someone from this list at random to receive a free six-month subscription.

If you aren’t a member yet but want to help

Buy an annual membership with promo code SPONSOR and we’ll sponsor a member in your name as well!

Join Today

What you’ll get

While there hasn’t been much basketball over the last four months, we’ve still been busy. Here’s a list of recommended reads to catch up on for new members.

Notable Replies

  1. muredhawks82

    What a fantastic idea! There is nothing better than to help other people. Is there a way to send a gift and then you can determine where it goes? If yes, can you send me your email address and we can correspond that way?

  2. umhoops

    Do you mean that you don’t have someone in mind you want to gift a membership to but just want to sponsor that gift too?

    You can just forward me the confirmation email ( with the gift code if you want to do that. I’ll make a note of that in the post.

  3. muredhawks82

    Sounds good! I know that I don’t comment much but I just wanted to say keep up the incredible work. I check the website on a daily basis both during the season and off-season. I love reading the game-by-game analysis recruiting outlook and all of the player pieces you do. As both a basketball coach and a fan, you provide great analysis. Any chance you can provide more video breakdown on any sets or special plays (out-of-bounds)?

  4. Toblav

    Since I am paying $8 per month as a way to express how much I appreciate what you do, could you use that to provide a spot for someone off the lottery list? If so I am good with that.

  5. Logan

    Awesome, would love to help. Don’t know what I’d do w/o UM Hoops. But like others have mentioned, I don’t know who I’d give the subscription to. I live in Lawrence, KS, so I’m surrounded by Jayhawks. I literally do not know one other Michigan fan (not depressing at all). So yeah I’ll forward my confirmation email to also.

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