2010-2011 Season

Big Ten Media Day Roundup


10 of the 11 (Penn State didn’t make it due to travel complications) Big Ten schools made the trip to Chicago today to participate in the Big Ten’s annual media day. Media day is that sort of necessary evil where awkward TV shoots and repetitive interviews are par for the course. We didn’t make the trip to Chicago but here is a round-up of various videos, photos, and notes from the event.

The audio of John Beilein’s official remarks can be found on MGoBlue or you can read the transcript here.

Here are a number of video clips and notes from the roundtable sessions later on:

Novak talks about his BTN promo shoot (above), you can see the first and second takes here. I’m not sure Novak has a future in television but he certainly improved on the second take.

Since the Big Ten only releases a media “top three” (1. Michigan State 2.Ohio State 3.Purdue), AnnArbor.com put together a media poll to rank the teams. Here are their results:

1. Michigan State (10) 120
2. Ohio State (1) 106
3. Illinois 96
4. Purdue 89
5. Wisconsin 79
6. Minnesota 70
7. Northwestern 54
8. Indiana 38
9. Penn State 33
10. Michigan 28
11. Iowa 13

Michigan was also voted 10th in a similar poll by the Sun Times.

Tom Crean also spoke very highly of John Beilein, mentioning how tough it was to prep for a Beilein coached team:

And one final point that I’d like to make is when you look at Michigan, and when you look at what John Beilein has done over his career and you look at his winning percentage over his career, the man is an incredible coach.

This goes back to my days in the Big East and it certainly is now. There might be some preparations that are as hard, but there are none that are harder than getting ready for a John Beilein‑coached team, and I think it’s just a matter of time before that program is back where it needs to be.

I mean, he walked into a situation ‑‑ he didn’t walk into a Big Ten champion. He didn’t walk into a team that was going into NCAA tournaments all the time. He’s had to rebuild it. And I think he’s a phenomenal coach.

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