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Game 28: Michigan State at Michigan Open Thread

Michigan and Michigan State will tip at 3:45 p.m. (CBS) from the Crisler Center. Join the discussion in the open thread.

Everything you need to know about Michigan State at Michigan:

Notable Replies

  1. steve

    “Michigan doesn’t have great rim protection” - Seth Davis

    Uh, Jon Teske would like a word with you, Seth.

  2. njosey

    Taking the game in from Vegas! Go blue!!!

  3. CoryR

    I thought that was really good defense by DeJulius.

  4. jemblue

    At the end of the day we went cold offensively after going up 51-45. You can talk about toughness and whatnot but you’ve just got to put it in the basket.

  5. ChathaM

    We need a “vote down” button.

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