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Game 11: Oregon at Michigan Open Thread

Michigan hosts Oregon today at the Crisler Center (12:00 p.m, CBS). Read all of our pregame content and join the discussion below.

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  1. umhoops

    Big and one take by Adrien Nunez there. :wink: @bebopson

  2. kturnup

    God damn this thread is garbage

  3. buckets12

    This game thread is…something. Oregon’s good. So is Michigan. The good guys blew plenty of chances to win this one and that stings.

    At the root of this is that this team will always come down to Zavier Simpson being brilliant surrounded by shooters. When he’s not brilliant, sometimes you get results that aren’t fun. I doubt Juwan will ever draw something else up besides the ball in his best playmaker’s hands with 4 shooters around him late. It worked at the end of regulation, it didn’t in overtime.

    We’ve got a ton of guys in this rotation who aren’t used to playing at a high rate consistently game in and game out. That’s gotta be an adjustment for guys like Brooks, DDJ, Johns, Franz. We’ve seen signs from all of them at times, and we’ve seen very bad negatives at times.

    The one thing I don’t agree with is just entirely going away from Teske. Johns played very well IMO but Teske has arguably been the best center in the big ten to this point and to let Oregon completely neutralize that seems like a loss.

    Oh well - the ship isn’t sunk. That felt like a sweet 16/elite 8 type game with high level players everywhere and a little bit of chaos. Tis the season.

  4. buckets12

    The way I saw it, it wasn’t a designed call for Zavier to shoot on the final play. It was a designed call to get him attacking downhill and if someone over-helped, he would kick to the open man or hit the big slipping to the bucket as he did in regulation. The help stayed home, so he was forced into his hook shot which I’d guess he hits between 40-50% on his career. What I don’t get is why Zavier waited so long to start attacking on the play.

    I still like the call as opposed to dialing up a catch and shoot for Franz or Livers. Because like it or not, everyone on the team besides X right now is just a catch and shoot threat. If it’s not wide open, that would be toast. I’m sure Juwan has set plays for that, but probably went with something that should have alternative options baked into it. I just think X was slow to start, made the correct read and missed the shot

  5. umhoops

    Where does the ball start every time Livers or Franz gets a catch and shoot look?

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