2007-2008 Season

IU Post Game

Just a couple quick hitters.

  • Ron Coleman’s went down with what looked like a bad ankle injury. Don’t expect him back right away. Shepherd will probably start in Evanston on Saturday.
  • Team got TONS of open looks in the first half and couldn’t hit a damn thing.
  • Eric Gordon put on a show, kid is the truth, unlimited range and a bouncy athlete.
  • DJ White exploited Michigan’s soft rebounding all night long.
  • Even with all this we were down 5 right into the 2nd half before the lead ballooned to 20+
  • Rough loss, don’t know what to expect, we were missing shots that just have to go in. Division 1 high-major basketball teams make those shots.
  • Crowd was weak and they are only going to get weaker.
  • IU and MSU have to be the class of the Big Ten, from what I see Wisconsin and OSU are not on that level or even that close to it.
  • Our opponents are shooting 42% from three on the year. Outrageous, terrible defense of the three point shot.
  • Looking at the box score Michigan was out rebounded 51-33. DeShawn Sims was 3-5 on 3 pointers and 1-8 on 2 pointers. The missed bunny shots were really bad for Peedi today he missed a break away dunk as well as many other layups to go along with his 5 turnovers.
  • Right now the only player on this team playing quality basketball is Manny Harris. I think if he can develop his 3 point shot to be serviceable this summer (and I think he has the work ethic to do it) he will be a stud in the BigTen. Kicking to Stu Douglass hopefully has better results than kicking it to Ron Coleman.
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